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    16 Jul, 2012

    Tripartite Agreement on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

    An agreement was reached by three Regional Economic Communities (REC) in Eastern and Southern Africa to conduct a five-year climate change adaptation and mitigation program. It is the first climate change agreement between these RECs and reflects the region’s commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Eastern and Southern Africa is heavily dependent on rain-fed agriculture for food security and so, the ultimate objective of the program will be to build socio-economic resilience of agricultural communities. As a result of program activities, increases in investments are expected in climate resilient and carbon efficient agricultural practices. Linkages between agriculture, forestry and other land uses and energy practices are also expected. The Government of Norway, the European Union Commission and the Government of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland each contributed to the total US$90 million for the project. Once a pilot stage of the Climate Change Initiative is complete, the 5 year program will begin. 

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