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    25 Jun, 2016

    US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Lesotho meets the SADC Executive Secretary

    The US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Lesotho, H.E. Matthew Harrington, visited the SADC Secretariat on 24th June 2016, accompanied by the US Ambassador to Botswana, H.E. Earl Miller. In his discussion with the SADC Executive Secretary, HE. Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax, Ambassador Harrington informed Dr. Tax that the US Government relentlessly supports SADC's initiatives, including ensuring that the Republic of Lesotho restores political and security normalcy. He stated that SADC's continued efforts in the Kingdom of Lesotho are showing positive results, and that the US Government was open to discuss and provide support that the Region would require in this endeavor. The US Ambassador further informed the Executive Secretary that the US Government believes that implementation by Lesotho of recommendations by the SADC Commission of Inquiry would determine her future collaboration with the Government of the Kingdom of Lesotho. '' While Lesotho is eligible for the compact of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and eligible under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), utilization of benefits derived from these windows depends also on her adherence to the set criteria and principles of democracy and good governance,'' Mr. Harrington said.

    Dr. Tax welcomed Ambassador Harrington and his delegation to the SADC Secretariat. She conveyed her appreciations for US's continued support to SADC Member States, and US's interest and the contributions made towards Lesotho. She further informed him that SADC has convened a Double Troika Summit during which the Kingdom of Lesotho will report on implementation of SADC decisions. "We are confident that the Kingdom of Lesotho will present to Summit a report that will inform its commitment to SADC decisions and recommendations. There has been positive progress so far, and we hope the Summit will guide in the right direction", she said.

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