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    13 Aug, 2015

    SADC Standing Committee of Senior Officials clears agenda for Council

    The SADC Standing Committee of Senior Officials, that has been meeting since Monday, 10th August, 2015 at the Gaborone International Conference Center, has cleared the agenda of the SADC Council of Ministers starting tomorrow.

    The cleared agenda focuses on several issues of significance to SADC regional integration and development. These include mainly the region’s political and socio-economic development issues; the implementation of Council’s Decisions on the programmes of regional integration; planning, budgeting, human resources, administration, capacity building and institutional reforms; continental and inter-regional integration; and resource mobilization.

    The Committee also cleared reports from the Secretariat that highlighted key achievements during the past 12 months such as the SADC Industrialisation Strategy and Roadmap; finalisation of the Revised Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP) 2015-2020 and its implementation framework; the launch of the Tripartite Free Trade Area; Operationalisation of the SADC project Preparation and Development Facility, based on which allocations have been made to key regional infrastructure projects; the signing of the 11th EDF SADC Regional Indicative Project and other cross-cutting regional indicative projects.

    The Standing Committee of Senior Officials was chaired by Dr. Taufila Nyamadzabo, Secretary for Economic and Financial Policy at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning of the Republic of Botswana.



    Inserted Photo: . Dr. Taufila Nyamadzabo 

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