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    28 Jun, 2012

    Regional Infrastructure Development

    SADC Ministers reviewed the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan and made recommendations to Council and to the SADC Summit. The Infrastructure Master Plan provides a framework for prioritising and advancing socio-economic development and enhancing regional integration.

    The Plan guides implementation of coordinated, integrated, efficient, seamless and cost-effective trans-boundary infrastructure networks in all the six sectors of Energy, Transport, Tourism, Information Communication Technology, Meteorology, and Water; all of which are pivotal to the quality of life of regional inhabitants.

    SADC Member States are urged to collaborate in implementing the Master Plan. This collaboration is facilitated by a Geographical Information System (GIS) which stores map data on projects that fall under the Plan.

    This is the first comprehensive infrastructure master plan for the region and is the culmination of work begun at the Brainstorming Session of the SADC Summit on Regional Infrastructure Development held in August 2007. 

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