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    5 Dec, 2013

    ES Courtesy Call on Vice President Bilal


    "Peace, security and political stability are paramount economic frontiers to SADC regional integration. It is therefore important that these are safeguarded and complimented by initiatives that would enhance socio-economic development in the SADC region", Vice President of the United Republic of Tanzania Dr. Mohamed Gharib Bilal told SADC Executive Secretary, Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax who paid a courtesy call on him on December 2, 2013. The Vice President also applauded the historical ties and bonds of solidarity that have glued SADC member states together for many years and underscored the importance of preserving those historical political gains and to share that history with future generations.

    The SADC Executive Secretary also paid a courtesy call on the Prime Minister of Tanzania, Right Honourable Mizengo Pinda on the same day. Dr Tax used the courtesy calls to engage with the two leaders on key challenges to the SADC regional integration agenda and achievements made so far.

    The Government of Tanzania applauded SADC efforts and achievements in Madagascar and the DRC. They reaffirmed their unrelenting support and commitment to the peaceful resolution of the political situation in the DRC and Madagascar. They emphasised the need for continued concerted efforts to return Madagascar to constitutional normalcy and that sustainable political and economic initiatives are put in place to ensure lasting political stability and socio-economic reconstruction and recovery for Madagascar.

    The Tanzania leadership and the SADC Executive Secretary appreciated the unity of purpose and action among SADC member states and reiterated that this tradition should be continued for the region to continue to speak with one voice on all matters related to the region's development. In this regard, they reiterated the need to maintain the political gains achieved so far while upholding peace, security and political stability as important keys to regional integration.

    They emphasised the importance of regional connectivity, and in particular, the speedy implementation of the Power Pool programme and the SADC Infrastructure Master Plan. "The region wants to see visible and tangible socio-economic outcomes of our initiatives", said Prime Minister Pinda.

    The Government of Tanzania furthermore called on the Secretariat to regularly share information on the progress and achievements with regard to the SADC regional integration and development agendal. In this regard, they emphasised the need for renewed dynamism and pragmatism at the Secretariat as this would ensure speedy implementation of integration programmes.

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