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    20 Aug, 2015

    Dr Tax Launches the SADC Success Stories Publication

    On August 15, 2015, SADC Executive Secretary, Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax, presented the SADC Success Stories Publication at a Media Briefing held at Grand Palm Hotel, Gaborone, Botswana.

    This document which contains most of the big regional achievements in different sectors was elaborated with the objective of increasing the visibility of SADC activities and inform SADC citizens and the public on the benefit of the regional integration.

    Delivering her remarks, Remarks by SADC Executive Secretary, Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax, on the occasion of the Launch of the “SADC Success Stories” Publication Dr Tax gave the historical background of the creation of SADC and listed some the achievement made by the Institution since its creation.

    “Regional success stories and positive results are documented in this publication in a well-informed and accessible manner to demonstrate the benefits of regional integration to SADC citizens, contribute to the spirit of a common future, and generate interest in SADC and its potential”.

    The Success Stories Publication was realised thanks to the *Southern African Research and Documentation Centre (SARDC) and the Federal Republic of Germany which is one of the International Cooperation Partners of SADC.

    Addressing the Media, Speech by the German Ambassador on the occasion of the launch of the Success Stories Publication the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Botswana, H.E. Rolf Ulrich, stressed on the importance of SADC and on the importance of recognising SADC achievements even if more still need to be done. “without SADC, the SADC Trade Protocol and further agreements  would not happen” he said.

    He also listed other sectors such as the Transfrontier Conservation Areas across the Region and SADC Cooperation on transboundary management of water resources which are of a great importance.

     *SARDC is an independent regional knowledge resource centre established in 1985 to strengthen regional policy perspectives and track implementation on a range of issues in southern Africa, and works in partnership at national and regional levels. SARDC is made up of topical institutes that focus on relevant regional processes, and has a long track record of achievements, in partnership with the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and others. The Headquarters is in Harare, Zimbabwe

    SADC Success Stories.pdf

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