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    22 Oct, 2018

    Botswana SADC National Contact Point Bids Farewell to the SADC Executive Secretary

    The SADC National Contact Point of the Republic of Botswana and Secretary for Economic and Financial Policy, Dr. Taufila Nyamadzabo, on 19 October 2018, bid farewell to the SADC Executive Secretary, H.E. Dr. Stergomena Lawrence Tax.   Dr. Nyamadzabo will be joining the World Bank starting on 1st November 2018, as an Alternate Executive Director for Africa Group 1 Constituency, consisting of 22 mostly English-speaking Sub-Saharan African countries, a position he will hold for the first 2 years, following which, he will serve as the Executive Director.

    In his farewell message, he expressed gratitude for the cordial relations existing between the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development as the SADC National Contact Point (NCP) and the SADC Secretariat. He further thanked the SADC Executive Secretary and her team for the good work, as attested by the adoption and implementation of key strategic documents, with a potential to deepen the SADC integration agenda and transform SADC economies through industrialisation.

    The SADC Executive Secretary, H.E Dr Stergormena Tax, for her part, welcomed and thanked Dr. Nyamadzabo who served as the NCP for Botswana for a period of 13 years from 2005 to 2018. Dr. Tax recognized his contribution to SADC, in particular in shaping the SADC regional integration agenda over the years, as he served as a member of the Standing Committee of Officials, and in 2015 to 2016, during Botswana’s Chairmanship of SADC. The Executive Secretary also stated that the Office of the NCP, in liaison with the Ministry of International Affairs and Cooperation had always had the interest of the SADC Secretariat at heart in line with the hosting agreement, facilitating the work of the Secretariat and making their stay in Botswana a memorable one.

    Dr. Tax wished Dr. Nyamadzabo well in his position. On his part, Dr. Nyamadzabo pledged to continue to be of service to the SADC region as the World Bank Africa Group1 Constituency is constituted, by amongst others, 12 SADC Member States.








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