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    7 Dec, 2014

    UNCTAD Expert Meeting on International Investment Agreements (IIA) Reform

    Dear IIA expert,

    UNCTAD will convene an Expert Meeting on "The Transformation of the International Investment Agreement Regime" from 25-27 February 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.

    Experts, including a wide range of stakeholders from the investment and development community, will discuss today's pressing reform issues and identify concrete strategies and action points that will help shape a sustainable-development friendly international investment framework and improved global investment governance. This UNCTAD Expert Meeting will advance the discussions that were commenced at the IIA Conference “Reforming the International Investment Agreements Regime” at the World Investment Forum 2014 (16 October 2014). The objective of the intensive three-day meeting in February is to develop a roadmap for reform through an open and inclusive multi-stakeholder approach and thereby carry forward the work of the IIA Conference.

    The UNCTAD Expert Meeting will also provide a platform for sharing the outcomes of other inter-governmental, academic, or multi-stakeholder events that have addressed issues related to IIA and ISDS reform. The February Meeting will pick up on concrete research findings and innovative ideas developed at such other events and integrate them into experts' discussions at UNCTAD. The mechanisms for such cross-fertilization include i) speaking slots during the UNCTAD meeting, and/or ii) the preparation and dissemination of "2-pagers", describing key outcomes relevant for the UNCTAD discussions.

    We therefore invite the interested organizers and/or chairs of relevant events that were held recently or will be held prior to the February 2015 meeting to contact us at WIF_IIA_Conference@unctad.org with a view to exploring next steps for such collaboration.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    The IIA Team

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