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    3 Dec, 2012

    SADC Website Launch

    On 3rd December 2012, the Southern African Development Community launched a brand new, completely revised website at www.sadc.int. The proceedings, presided over by the SADC Executive Secretary Dr. Tomaz Salamão and the Deputy Executive Secretary for Finance and Administration Ms. Emilie Mushobekwa, included a presentation on the website project and demonstration of the website’s features by Mr. Simon Hughes, Director of Hatfield Consultants Africa. The audience for the event included Ambassadors to Botswana from Germany and Mozambique, as well as delegations from a number of regional and international embassies, the SADC Management Team, national and regional media and assembled SADC Secretariat staff.

    Read a copy of the speech made by the Deputy Executive Secretary for Finanace and Administration, Ms Mushobekwa.