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    Water does not recognize national boundaries and most of the big rivers, lakes and groundwater bodies in Southern Africa are shared between the countries.

    The Southern African Development Community (SADC) region is home to more than 260 million people and exhibits a great diversity in culture, nature, people and ways of life. One of the characteristic features of the Region is the transboundary nature of its rivers, lakes and groundwater bodies: 15 great rivers with their respective river basins in Southern Africa are shared between two or more countries. Water, however, does not recognise international boundaries.

    The joint management, protection and utilisation of water in Southern Africa is therefore not an option - it is a necessity. Bridging Waters is a docu-drama series illustrating how water in Southern Africa is sustainably managed according to SADC's important Protocol on Shared Watercourses. Narrated through the lives of those residing along Southern Africa's majestic rivers and depicting their daily challenges, Bridging Waters connects the local setting with the wider importance of transboundary water management. Bridging Waters exemplifies the success and local impacts of improved cooperation between the countries that share Southern Africa's waters.

    Shot in 10 countries over a period of two years, the series delves into the waters of the Zambezi, the Limpopo, the Kunene, the Ruvuma and the Orange-Senqu. Rivers are the lifelines of Africa, and it is up to all of us to keep them flowing: clean and jointly managed for the benefit of all.

    • Limpopo River Basin

      Shared by four southern African countries, the Limpopo River is important to livelihoods of all who live on its banks, but as much as it is a source of life, it can just easily bring death. In early 2013 heavy rains flooded the river basin, shattering livelihoods and leaving Mozambique and its people devastated.

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    • Kunene & Cuvelai River Basins

      In the semi-arid landscape of the Cuvelai River Basin, an inquisitive student, called Nelago, sets off on a journey of discovery. Her curiosity leads her to breath taking waterfalls, inside a world-class hydro power plant, and even across the border to Angola where she learns to never again take access to safe drinking water for granted.

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    • Ruvuma River Basin

      The Ruvuma River Basin shared by Tanzania and Mozambique is one of Africa's last pristine wildernesses, but Nassoro knows all is not well... the River's level has been dropping. Small Scale Mining, Wild Fires and Charcoal Production have all been leading to its demise and even a bigger change is foreseen from the recent gas discoveries.

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    • Zambezi River Basin

      Basin, lies the Songwe River, which forms the border between Tanzania and Malawi. This meandering river shifts its course with the annual floods, leaving some residents without land and the international border having shifted.

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    • Orange-Senqu River Basin

      From the snow-capped mountains of Lesotho, to the bustling urban centres in South Africa, from the red sands of the Kalahari in Botswana to the deserts of Namibia, the Orange-Senqu River is the great provider for the many industries and inhabitants of the four countries that it travels through.

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    • SADC Water Sector

      Floods and droughts affect more people than any other type of natural disaster in Southern Africa, and jointly are more costly. Predictions for the region point to a warmer climate, with increased variability, which will intensify the risk, and magnitude, of both floods and droughts in most areas... Something must be done!

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    • Links

      Links with useful information and documents for the Water Sector in SADC.

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