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    The SADC Statistics Group, housed within the Policy Planning and Resource Mobilisation Directorate, periodically produce statistics products to use by Member States and the general public. Publically available SADC Statistics include the following datasets:

    1. Selected Indicators - primary economic, demographic, environmental and social indicators from 2000 to 2011, for all Member States;
    2. Statistics Yearbook - detailled statistical data for SADC Member States; and
    3. Harmonised Consumer Price Index Newsletter - monthly newsletter of consumer price data.

    These datasets are described in more detail below, along with the source datasets.

    SADC Selected Indicators

    One of the key annual datasets released by the SADC Statistics Group is the Selected Indicators, which comprises data on key social, economic and demographic indicators sourced from Member States.

    Access the SADC Selected Indicators 2012

    Access the SADC Selected Indicators 2013

    Access the SADC Selected Indicators 2014

    SADC Statistics Yearbook

    This SADC Statistical Yearbook 2011 publication is the first in the series and seeks to provide a selection of comparable and updated regional official statistics and indicators. Generally it is aimed to provide stakeholders with a comprehensive set of reliable and sound information on the socio-economic profiles and development of the SADC region and its Member States

    Access the SADC Statistics Yearbook (2011)

    Access the SADC Statistic Yearbook (2012)

    Access the SADC Statistic Yearbook (2013)

    Access the SADC Statistic Yearbook (2014)

    SADC Monthly Harmonised Consumer Price Index Newsletter

    The SADC Secretariat has been implementing the Harmonised Consumer Price Index (HCPI) since August 2011 when the first SADC Stage 1 HCPI was computed based on national HCPIs of member states.  The main aim of the HCPI process is to produce Consumer Price Indices (CPIs) among Member States which are produced using comparable methodologies and classifications and using the same statistical frameworks to facilitate comparison of the indices among member states.  Among others, the index is useful for monitoring progress towards attainment of goals and targets for economic convergence in the SADC region.  

    SADC Council of Ministers at its meeting held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo in August 2011 approved that result of the Stage I Harmonised Consumer Price Indices (HCPIs) for SADC and its Member States be launched and disseminated by the SADC Secretariat during the third quarter of 2011. Since then Stage 1 SADC HCPI is produced sustainability on a monthly basis.

    Access the SADC Harmonised Monthly Consumer Price Index Newsletters