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    This portion of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) website is dedicated to providing access to all publically available SADC Documents and Publications. It also provides access to information about the SADC Secretariat Library Services.

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    • SADC Multi-country Agricultural Productivity Programme (MAPP) Document

      Date Signed: 2008-04-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      Agriculture in the SADC region is the primary source of subsistence, employment and income
      for 61 percent of the peoples of the region. Despite a diversified natural resource base, overall
      agricultural growth and productivity have remained low over the past twenty years. The urgent
      implementation of broad-based programmes to reverse the overall decline in the productivity of
      the agriculture sector is a central priority in setting SADC Member States on the path of fast
      economic growth and poverty reduction. The diversity of the region’s farming and livelihood
      systems presents great challenges to policymakers in formulating sound agriculture development
      strategies. But, even given this diversity, many countries in the region share similar problems
      and opportunities. Cooperation in some of these key areas can yield significant benefits – as can
      greater economic integration by taking advantage of natural comparative advantages.

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    • SADC Regional Biodiversity Strategy

      Date Signed: 2008-02-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      Issues: Environment & Sustainable Development

      Southern Africa is home to abundant biodiversity, which contributes to the livelihoods of many people in the region. Therefore, this biodiversity is central to SADC’s objective of improving socioeconomic development. In order to foster this biodiversity in the face of regional underdevelopment and environmental challenges, SADC has devised a Regional Biodiversity Strategy.

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    • Code on Social Security in SADC

      Date Signed: 2008-01-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      SADC’s code on social security further extends on the provisions contained in the Charter of Fundamental Social Rights in SADC and the strategic direction outlined in the Regional Indicative Strategic Development Plan (RISDP).

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    • SADC Summit Communique -Aug 2007

      Date Signed: 2007-08-17

      Type: Documents & Publications, Summit & Council Records

      Chairperson: Right Honourable Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho and Chairperson of SADC, Mr. Phakalitha Mosisili.

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