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    • Protocol on Health (1999)

      Entry Into Force: 2004-08-18

      Date Signed: 1999-08-18

      Type: Protocols

      Issues: HIV & AIDS

      Themes: Disaster Risk Management, Health, Pharmaceuticals, Communicable Diseases, Non-communicable Diseases, Social & Human Development

      A healthy population is a pre–requisite for the sustainable human development and increased productivity in a country. SADC recognises that close co-operation in the area of health is essential for the effective control of communicable and non-communicable diseases for addressing common concerns within the region.


    • Protocol on Education & Training (1997)

      Entry Into Force: 2000-07-31

      Date Signed: 1997-09-08

      Type: Protocols

      Themes: Social & Human Development, Education & Skills Development

      Member States acknowledge that whilst each Member State has its own policies for education and training and whilst cooperation and mutual assistance in education is desirable, this can be facilitated more effectively by the development of harmonised and eventually standardised policies regarding education and training.

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    • Protocol on Mining (1997)

      Entry Into Force: 2000-02-10

      Date Signed: 1997-09-08

      Type: Protocols

      Themes: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Industry, Private Sector, Social & Human Development, Employment & Labour

      Mining plays a significant role in the development process of SADC by creating wealth and employment and a market for other industries such as manufacturing and services. Mining activities have also resulted in the development of physical infrastructure, such as communication, energy and water.

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    • Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights in SADC (2003)

      Date Signed: 2003-08-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, Charters

      Themes: Social & Human Development, Employment & Labour

      The overall objective of the Fundamental Social rights in SADC Charter is to facilitate through close and active consultations amongst social partners, a spirit conducive to harmonious labour relations within the region.

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