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    • Protocol on Mining (1997)

      Entry Into Force: 2000-02-10

      Date Signed: 1997-09-08

      Type: Protocols

      Themes: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Industry, Private Sector, Social & Human Development, Employment & Labour

      Mining plays a significant role in the development process of SADC by creating wealth and employment and a market for other industries such as manufacturing and services. Mining activities have also resulted in the development of physical infrastructure, such as communication, energy and water.


    • Protocol on Finance and Investment (2006)

      Entry Into Force: 2010-04-16

      Date Signed: 2006-08-18

      Type: Documents & Publications, Protocols

      Issues: Private Sector

      Themes: Economic Development, Finance, Investment, Macro-Economic Convergence, Private Sector

      The need to accelerate growth, investment and employment in the SADC Region through increased cooperation, coordination and management of macroeconomic, monetary and fiscal policies and to establish and sustain macroeconomic stability as a precondition to sustainable economic growth and for the creation of a monetary union in the Region urged SADC Member States to sign the Finance and Investment Protocol in 2006.

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    • Protocol on Trade (1996)

      Entry Into Force: 2001-01-25

      Date Signed: 1996-08-01

      Type: Documents & Publications, Protocols

      Themes: Themes, Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Industry, Finance, Investment, Private Sector

      Trade in goods and services constitute a major area of cooperation that supports SADC’s goals of economic development and poverty eradication. Recognising that a framework for trade cooperation will benefit the region, SADC passed its Protocol on Trade in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Region on 24th August 1996.

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    • Declaration on Productivity (1999)

      Date Signed: 1999-08-18

      Type: Documents & Publications, Declarations

      Themes: Economic Development

      As economic cooperation among Member States is central to SADC’s mission, the low levels of productivity throughout the region are disconcerting. Poor economic growth, investment, and employment can have negative impacts on a region’s social and economic development. In order to increase productivity in the region, SADC passed its Declaration on Productivity in the Southern African Development Community on 18th August 1999.

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