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    Regional Agricultural Policy Review Reports 2011

    In order to stimulate sustainable agriculture and food security in Southern Africa, 2008 saw SADC commence development of a Regional Agricultural Policy to act as a framework for harmonised policies, objectives, strategies, and programmes related to agriculture in the region. In preparation of this Policy, SADC undertook country-level reviews of each Member States’ macro, socioeconomic, and agricultural situations and policies to determine stakeholder concerns at a national level.

    These country-level reviews ascertained the current priorities, objectives, assets, constraints, and incentives for different stakeholders in agriculture in each Member State. They provide an overview of the agricultural sector, noting public and private involvement as well as any national policies of the Member State and existing regional policies to which that Member State belongs. These country-level reviews aim to facilitate development of a common agricultural policy for the region that considers issues transcending national boundaries in order to draw greater external assistance and investment in agriculture.

    • Regional_Agricultural_Policy_Review_Reports_2011.pdf

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      Date Signed: 2011-01-01

      Theme tags: Agriculture & Food Security, Food Security, Crop Production, Livestock Production, Fisheries, Agricultural Information