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    Protocol on the Tribunal and Rules thereof (2000)

    Through its inception, the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community established a Tribunal to ensure and adjudicate on legal aspects of SADC regulations. To clarify details of the Tribunal’s process and functions, SADC passed the Protocol on Tribunal on 7th August 2000.

    The Protocol formally establishes the organisation, jurisdiction, and operating procedures of the SADC Tribunal. It specifies the Tribunal’s constitution and composition, its process for appointment and dismissal of members, and its policies on legal decisions, reviews, representation, interim measures, fees and legal aid, enforcement of decisions, and other aspects of international law in the region. Detailed Rules of Procedure appear in an appendix.

    SADC amended the Protocol in 2000, 2007, and 2008, keeping it in line with the SADC Treaty and clarifying the definition of Member States, as well as systems for appeals and Tribunal members’ terms of office.