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    SADC Industrial Development Policy Framework

    Industrial development has been placed at the core of the developmental integration agenda of SADC. SADC Member States acknowledge that industrial development is central to diversification of their economies; development of productive capacity; and the creation of employment in order to reduce poverty and set their economies on a more sustainable growth path.The SADC Industrial Development Policy Framework recognizes that formulation and implementation of industrial policy is essentially a national prerogative.


    It further recognizes that industrial policy, i.e., government action through appropriate policy instruments and interventions in support of dynamic manufacturing growth remains a legitimate instrument for development.The framework therefore encourages Member States to continue to formulate and implement national policies and strategies for stimulating and enhancing their productive capacities as these policies are important in informing and supporting the regional framework. It therefore seeks to leverage and build on SADC mutually beneficial opportunities as well as addressing the common challenge of industrialization through development of strategies or activities coordinated at regional level.

    • Final_SADC_Industrial_Develeopment_Policy_Framework.pdf

      Type: Documents & Publications, Regional Codes & Policies

      Date Signed: 2014-01-14

      Theme tags: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Industry, Finance, Investment, Macro-Economic Convergence, Private Sector, Trade in Services, Infrastructure

      Issue tags: Issues