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    The SADC Secretariat Library provides services to the staff of SADC Secretariat and SADC Institutions. Our collections and services are also open to university lectures and students, researchers and anyone else interested in our material. The library acquires materials published principally in the working SADC languages (English, French and Portuguese).

    At the moment the Library database contains approximately 14,505 entries and holds the following collections:

    • General Collection – this collection includes published and unpublished materials on social sciences (general statistics; political sciences; economics; law; public administration; education; communications and transport); technology (mining and related operations; agriculture; management), geography and history.
    • SADC Collection – comprises materials produced by SADC Secretariat, SADC sectors/commissions and other materials produced elsewhere about SADC. Emphasis is on materials on or about SADC as a community
    • Gender Collection – this collection includes publications, reports and other documents on gender in SADC and from outside the region.
    • HIV/AIDS Collection – consists of printed and non-printed materials related to HIV, AIDS and related literature.
    • Water Collection – this collection holds documents on water and related issues from the phased out SADC Water Sector.
    • FANR Collection – includes materials on Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources from the phased out Food Security Sector.
    • SATCC Collection – this collection holds documents on Transport and Communications from the phased out Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission.

    The library offers the following facilities:

    • Reading area
    • Computer terminals for research
    • Photocopying
    • Scanning facilities
    • Audio materials

    In addition to providing access to the above collections and facilities, the SADC library also provides the following publications:

    • Monthly Acquisition List - a list of new publications coming into the library.
    • Monthly Newspaper Cuttings on SADC – a compilation of news and articles from newspapers, periodicals and internet sources on SADC and related issues.

    The SADC Online Library Catalogue

    The Online SADC Library Catalogue provides access to an extensive archive of useful information related to SADC, the SADC Secretariat, and the SADC region as a whole.

    Access the SADC Library Database

    Contact the SADC Library

    To contact the library for more information, or to arrange a visit, please contact the Head Librarian on the following number (Switchboard):

    +267 395 1863