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    • SADC Trade Related Facility Success Stories 2020.pdf

      Entry Into Force: 2020-12-09

      Date Signed: 2020-12-09

      Type: Newsletters, Media Releases & Statements

      Issues: Issues, Private Sector

      Themes: Economic Development, Trade in Goods, Private Sector, Trade in Services


    • SADC Climate Services Centre Tropical Cyclone Advisory issue 04 of 2020-2021.pdf

      Date Signed: 2021-01-22

      Type: Documents & Publications, Media Releases & Statements

      Themes: Meteorology, Climate Information, Climate Change Adaptation, Climate Change Mitigation

      Analysis of model outputs from theEuropean Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting(ECMWF), Joint Typhoon Warning Center(JTWC), Regional Specialized Meteorological Centre(RSMC)La Reunionand the SADC Climate ServicesCentreWRF-GFS,indicatethat tropical stormELOISEcurrentlyhas a central pressure of 992hPa and amaximum average wind speed of 74km/h near its centre. It is moving general southwest at about 22km/h. There is a likelihood that ELOISEwill makelandfall near Beira over Mozambique on 23January 2021

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    • SADC African Migratory Locust Appeal.pdf

      Date Signed: 2020-11-12

      Type: Documents & Publications, Media Releases & Statements

      The African Migratory Locust (AML) was first reported in the region in February 2020 in eight Member States: (Botswana, Eswatini, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia). This outbreak was fully controlled through the application of synthetic pesticides by March 2020. The February outbreak coincided with crop maturity and harvesting, resulting in minimum damages. In early June 2020, four Member States (Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe) reported a resurgence of the AML.

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    • General Notice - Fake Certificate of Ownership

      Date Signed: 2020-07-13

      Type: Documents & Publications, Media Releases & Statements

      It has come to the attention of the SADC Secretariat that there are some importers/exporters/manufacturers/clearing and forwarding agents that are illegally using a document called “Certificate of Ownership” bearing SADC logo and stamp in order to benefit from SADC Preferential tariff arrangement and other benefits as provided in Annex I to the SADC Protocol on Trade. The SADC Secretariat wishes to inform the general public that there is no any SADC document called or named as “certificate of ownership” and therefore, the document is fake and illegal, and is being used for fraudulent activities. We further wish to inform the general public that the SADC logo is registered and protected trademark, hence using it without prior authorization from the SADC Secretariat infringes Intellectual Property Rights that we are enjoying.

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