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    This portion of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) website is dedicated to providing access to all publically available SADC Documents and Publications. It also provides access to information about the SADC Secretariat Library Services.

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    • Annual Report 2020 - 2021

      Date Signed: 2021-09-10

      Type: Documents & Publications, Annual Reports

      The Secretariat realised an implementation rate of 85% of planned activities, and 58% utilization rate for 2020/21 budget. The high implementation rate compared to the low utilization rate was a result of a swift move to virtual operations so as to ensure a safe working environment and business continuity under challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also worth noting that, the achieved 85% implementation rate was the highest rate recorded since 2016/17. In 2016/17 implementation rate was 80%, in 2017/18 was 82%, in 2018/19 was 80%, and in 2019/20 was 79%.

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    • SADC Procurement and Grants Guidelines - Approved - August 2021

      Entry Into Force: 2021-08-27

      Date Signed: 2021-08-27

      Type: Documents & Publications, Guidelines

      These Guidelines develop the contracting/awarding procedures for procurement and grants for all actions financed by/through SADC Secretariat unless otherwise is justified through a Convention, a Contribution Agreement, a Financing Agreement or any other legal instrument.

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    • The European Union’s Cooperation with the Southern African Development Community

      Date Signed: 2021-07-14

      Type: Documents & Publications, Brochures, Newsletters

      The hopes of the people of Southern Africa for peace, democracy, good governance and prosperity are no different from those of people all over the world. The ability of the countries of Southern Africa to fulfil these hopes depends, to a large extent, on greater levels of trade and investment, on advances in productive systems, industrial and infrastructure development and modernisation as well as on a sustainable use of natural resources. Good governance and more efficient use of available resources are also crucial.

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