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Okavango River, The Flow of a Lifeline

AbstractThe book was published as part of the project to promote the participation of people at all levels in activities and decisions that lead to the wise management of the Okavango River.
KeywordsGeography, Okavango River Basin

Groundwater Investigation Work in Kavango and Bushmanland.

AbstractThe Department of Water Affairs appointed Namibia Groundwater Development Consultant to conduct a study in the Kavango Region and Bushmanland to provide a better understanding of the groundwater reso ...more...
KeywordsGroundwater, Kavango and Bushmanland

Feasibility Study on Water Augmentation to the Central Area of Namibia

AbstractThe Report on the Feasibility Study on Water Augmentation to Central Namibia has been prepared in seven volumes by Central Areas JV Consultants for the Namibia Water Corporation (Pty) Ltd. Incorpo ...more...
KeywordsWater supply, Central and North-Eastern Namibia

The Biophysical and Human Environment of the Kavango Region

AbstractThe Report compiles knowledge on the biophysical and human environment of the Kavango Region in Namibia. It provides: -An overview of the biophysical and biological environment (climate, flora, faun ...more...
KeywordsEnvironment, Kavango Region

Drought Relief Drilling Okavango Region

AbstractDrilling report including results and interpretation of 24 boreholes drilled in the Kavango Region. The report was compiled by Interconsult Namibia.
KeywordsHydrogeology, Kavango Region

Okavango River Basin Groundwater Overview

AbstractAn overview of the Okavango River Basin groundwater situation. The report aims to establish an outline of work required for a full Environmental Assessment. Gaps are identified in the existing knowle ...more...
KeywordsGroundwater, Okavango Basin

Namibia Water Corporation Groundwater Investigation Reports

AbstractGroundwater investigation reports containing data and general information on Namibia Water Corporation (Pty) Ltd (NamWater) groundwater supply schemes. Groundwater investigations are conducted for Na ...more...
KeywordsGroundwater schemes, Namibia

Regional Rural Water Supply Development Plan for the Kavango Region

AbstractThe Regional Rural Water Supply Development Plan for the Kavango Region was compiled to provide technical and institutional solutions to achieve the objective of the Water Sector Policy (WASP) and to ...more...
KeywordsRural development, Kavango Region

Sand and Water: A Profile of the Kavango Region

AbstractSand and Water is a profile of the Kavango Region presenting a summary of facts and figures most important to the region's geography. The book covers the geology, historical background, climate, t ...more...
KeywordsGeography, Kavango Region

Namibia State of the Environment Report - Water

AbstractThe report provides extensive background material on the environment and water, and describes key environmental indicators for water resources management. It focuses on sustainability of water resour ...more...
KeywordsWater resources management, Namibia

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