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AbstractWater quality database for boreholes, rivers and ponds in Botswana
KeywordsWater quality, Botswana

Okavango Topographic model

AbstractTopographic model developed for use within the Okavango Delta Management plan.
KeywordsTopography, Okavango Delta

Hydrogeological Map of Namibia

AbstractThe Hydrogeological map and complementary book synthesise related data, information and knowledge on groundwater in Namibia.
KeywordsGroundwater, Namibia

Hydrological Database of Namibia (HYDSTRA)

AbstractThe hydrological database of the Department of Water Affairs was created as a management tool for processing, storage, retrieval and analysis of surface water resources data available in Namibia. It ...more...
KeywordsHydrology, Namibia

Commercial Conservancies - Namibia

AbstractThe file is created for the Ministry of Environment and Tourism showing registered Commercial Conservancies (Conservancies on free-hold land). It is used for mapping commercial conservancy areas.
KeywordsLand use, Namibia

Microbiological Water Quality Database of the Namibia Water Corporation

AbstractDocumentation of microbiological water quality analysis results undertaken by the Namibia Water Corporation (Pty) Ltd.
KeywordsWater quality, Namibia

Wetlands - Namibia

AbstractThe database was created to bring all wetland related data together and store information in one place. The following data are included in the database: -springs and ponds locations (spatial dat ...more...
KeywordsWetlands, Namibia


AbstractGROWAS is the groundwater database of the Department of Water Affairs. It supports the monitoring and managing of the groundwater resources of Namibia.
KeywordsGroundwater, Namibia

Borehole Production Data of NamWater Groundwater Supply Schemes

AbstractData on borehole production at NamWater supply schemes is collected to monitor borehole performance and water abstraction rates.
KeywordsBorehole production, Water schemes, Aquifers, Namibia

Gaborone Rainfall data

AbstractThe dataset holds information on rainfall amounts as observed.
KeywordsRainfall, Gaborone

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