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    • SADC Treaty (1992)

      Date Signed: 1992-08-17

      Type: SADC Treaty

      The SADC Treaty is the founding document for the establishment of the Southern African Development Community (SADC). In pursuance of the principles of Towards a Southern African Development Community, a declaration was made by the Heads of State or Government of Southern Africa, at Windhoek, Namibia, in August 1992 affirming their commitment to establish a Development Community in the region.




    Nature of Amendment

    Brief Description


    Agreement Amending the Treaty

    Amends the preamble and table of contents - additional articles on the SADC Membership and the Troika.


    Agreement Amending Article 22 of the Treaty

    Decribes conditions for an amendment to a Protocol.


    Agreement Amending the Treaty of SADC

    Describes the establishment of Sectoral Ministerial Committees and the SADC executive managment roles.


    Agreement Amending Articles 10 & 14 of the SADC 

    Outlines the structure and appointment of the executive management of SADC Secretariat.


    Agreement Amending Article 10A of the Treaty

    Describes the composition of the Minisrterial Committe of the organ responsible for coordinating the work of the organ and its structures.