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    • SADC Food Security Update - January to March 2017

      Date Signed: 2017-03-17

      Type: Documents & Publications, Newsletters

      Themes: Themes, Agriculture & Food Security, Food Security

      First round crop production estimates for Malawi show an increase in the production of most crops including the staple food, maize. Maize production is estimated at 3.2 million tonnes, up by 36% from 2.4 million tonnes last season. First round crop production estimates for South Africa show an increase in the production of most crops including maize. Maize production is estimated at 13.9 million tonnes, up by 79% from 7.8 million tonnes last season. Fall armyworm outbreak affect crops including maize, the staple food, in DRC, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Efforts to control the pest compromised by heavy rains experienced in some of these areas. However, the impact of the pest attack is expected not to be very significant.

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    • SADC Logistics cell situation report - 2017 week 09 tables and charts

      Date Signed: 2017-03-10

      Type: Documents & Publications, Newsletters

      Themes: Themes, Disaster Risk Management

      In this report: (i) Cereal exports from South Africa; (ii) Expected vessel imports; (iii) Expected vessels-Nacala Port; (iv) Vessels announced/expected-Beira Port; and (v) Maize grain exports ex-Zambia as at week 09.

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    • Trade Related Facility (TRF) Project Applications - February 2017

      Date Signed: 2017-02-22

      Type: Documents & Publications, SADC Technical & Thematic Reports

      The Trade Related Facility (TRF) is a mechanism to provide financial and technical support to eligible SADC Member States to effectively implement their commitments under the Protocol on Trade and the SADC-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA). It is supported under the SADC-EU Contribution Agreement. The Programme Facility Support Unit has been supporting beneficiary Member States with the development of project applications for funding under the programme. The support entailed technical discussions with the TRF Focal Points in Member States to agree on intervention areas to be developed into project applications, preparation of Terms of Reference for the engagement of Consultants to support Member States with the preparation of applications and development of detailed project proposals in the identified priority areas.

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    • SADC Agromet Update Issue-04 - 2016-2017 Season

      Date Signed: 2017-02-20

      Type: Documents & Publications, Newsletters

      Themes: Agriculture & Food Security, Agricultural Information

      Highlights: Southern and central areas continued to receive well above average rains in January. Poor rainfall was received in western and north-eastern SADC and Madagascar; The Fall Armyworm has been confirmed in 7 countries in the region; The severity of the impact on regional crop production is yet to be established; and Tropical cyclones Carlos and Dineo affected the region in early to mid-February. The impacts of Cyclone Dineo are severe, particularly in southern Mozambique.

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